The Point of Supply Load Management system has been in operation at five sites in the North Island since the beginning of June 1996. These sites include Vector at Auckland and Powerco at Te Aroha and Tauranga and Vector at Wellington. Remote Control Solutions Ltd. have also ported the Rev 5 Load Management  implementation for Dunedin and Orion Electricity Companies. 

The system has proven to be totally reliable, with operators having developed complete confidence in the system. Current tariff structures appear to be biased towards POS totals , however this tends to change depending on the electricity market.
Remote Control Solutions Ltd. can provide a range of services in this arena:
from a consultants role we can provide functional specification and design documents taylored to your needs, that can be implemented on the LN2068 Rev 5 SCADA system or other SCADA system.
from a design role we can provide design and manufacturing services for ripple injection equipment.
in a suppliers role we can supply complete injector control hardware for a range of injection strategies such as Decabit, Zellweger (with or without combined Decabit), Landis & Gyr etc.
We can actively tie in with Foxboro to provide the software and experience to generate a successful Point of Supply Load Control Package
Remote Control Solutions Ltd. supplied the complete field ripple injection system for the Valley Power, Tauranga, Rotorua and Taupo networks. This installation involved the fitting of Point of Supply Load Management software, the supply of the PLC based injection equipment, and the overseeing of field installations. This equipment has operated without problems since early 1996. 

We have 15 years experience with Load Management from a tariff structure level, right down to the manufacture of injector hardware. Please contact us direct for any queries or advice you may require. 

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