The RC02 RTU has been developed to fulfil multiple telemetry roles in the power and gas industries. The RTU features expandable I/O in addition to multiple communications ports. It is ideal for direct I/O
monitoring as well as IED interfacing and data concentration tasks. The RC02 was developed as a natural progression from the RC01 RTU which has sold over 250 units in NZ.

The RC02 currently supports Conitel (V.23) DNP3 (V.23 and V.28).The DNP3 V28 (RS232) port runs at 9600 baud, and supports various handshaking modes. It is compatible with a range of Serial to Ethernet device servers, that effectively turn it into an IP compliant RTU that can communicate over an Ethernet highway.

The RC02 is also a functional Conitel to Modbus/Toshiba/Data2179 data concentrator. In this mode the RC02 is called the DC10. The Conitel Protocol is the slave, and the Modbus/Toshiba/Data2179 protocols are the master. Only one of the Modbus/Toshiba/Data2179 master protocols can be active at any given time. Both RS232 and RS485/422 comms are supported when running as a data concentrator. The DC10 is ideal for interfacing Noja Reclosers onto Conitel Master Stations.

All expansion cards are manufactured by Remote Control Solutions Ltd. which allows us the flexibility of creating customised designs for specific applications. The RC02 is manufactured by a specialist SMD manufacturing company

Key Advantages 
Flexible 8 to 37 VDC switched mode power supply
9 digital inputs (one doubles as accumulator input)
8 output relays rated at 230VAC 1A
On board power supply voltage monitoring
V.23 fully featured two or four wire interface for Conitel or DNP3
RS232 fully featured interface for DNP3
RS485/422 fully featured interface for Data Concentrator Functions
No on board jumpers to confuse the user
All configuration stored in EEPROM
Full RTU solution provided including IP67 Case, and 230VAC power supply with FIPS
Support issues resolved within a few days
Equivalent of 30 years of dedicated SCADA experience backing the RC02
Full radio support, with matching MAXON data radios available from Remote Control Solutions Ltd.
Real time executive operating system

"The RC02 is ideally suited to any telemetry application, and when the price of less than NZ$2000.00 is considered, it must warrant serious consideration."

The other important if not the most important aspect is support. We maintain a zero outstanding incident philosophy, and do whatever it takes to keep our software base defect free. We still realise however that the device needs on the spot support with respect to configuration, radio installation etc, that the customer does not want to wait for. We take the responsibility of providing this backup support very seriously.

RC02 Description


Power Supply 8-37 V DC (With reverse polarity protection)

Utilising an integrated switch mode power supply.
Current Consumption 40mA to 60mA depending on input voltage. (68 mA @ 13.8VDC).
Operating Temperature -5 to 40C (If used in standard enclosure)
SCADA Interface Software configurable Conitel/DNP3 interface. Two or four wire interface. Terminating or non terminating line connection. Half Duplex. Adheres to V.23 standard.
Radio Interface Maxon 2/5W data radio standard, most others supported.
Serial Interfaces Separate RS232 (Used for DNP3) and RS485/422 ports
PCB Size 113 mm x 172mm (20 mm high)
Configuration Port RS232 (D9)
Configuration Tool Any 9600 baud RS232 terminal emulator. Special PC Tool required for DNP3
Configuration Options Station, Group, Tx mark, Rx mark. External Rx gating, terminating/non terminating line, radio key enable and communication line fail-over.

All configuration parameters stored in EEPROM.
Digital Inputs Nine isolated digital inputs, 9-30 VDC activation.

MCD functions on eight on board DIs. ~15 msecs debounce filter.
Accumulator Input One isolated accumulator input. Also used as DI nine.
Battery monitor On board 10-30 VDC battery monitor.
Digital Outputs Eight 1A/230VAC output relays, arranged as 4 Trip/Close clean contact relay pairs. Variable length output pulse.
Software and hardware expansion options Trip/Close output relay expansion.
Digital input expansion.
Eight channel 12 bit high common mode analog input board
DNP3 V.23 1200 Baud Tone Interface
DNP3 V.28 9600 Baud RS232 Interface
Accumulator I/P. ~7 msecs read resolution
Scan-In (Request to be Scanned) facility.
MCD processing.
Communications fail-over
230VAC power supply board.
Battery backup controller board.
Maxon Synthesised VHF/UHF data radio.



Figure 1 - RC02 Functional Diagram

The functional diagram shows the basic internal connectivity of the RC02 RTU.

Some points to note are:

The voltage monitor reads the voltage directly off the power input terminal J4, and reads inputs in the range of 10 to 30 volts DC.
The switch mode power supply drives the RC02, as well as the bus cards.
The SPI EEPROM is a separate device to the on board CPU based 512 byte EEPROM. All RC02 configuration is stored in the CPU EEPROM, with the SPI EEPROM reserved for more complex functions such as protocol conversion configuration settings.

The reset and watch dog control is an independent piece of hardware that will reset the RC02 in the event of software failure due to power supply browns outs or other environmental conditions.


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