The latest in dual VCO synthesised data radios that suit a wide range of data telemetry applications. These radios are well suited to the RC02 RTU. Check out the specifications below.

General Specifications 
Case material: Die cast alloy
Weight: 253 grams
Dimensions: 30mm(H), 62mm(W), 118mm(L)
Operating temperature range: -10C to +60C
Number of channels: 16 (Internal by dip switch)
Service: Single or two frequency simplex
Frequency Band: SD-125 V2 148-174 MHz
SD-125 U1 400-450 MHz
SD-125 U2 450-470 MHz
SD-125 U3 470-490 MHz
Channel spacing: 12.5 or 25kHz
Type of modulation: FM
Frequency source: Synthesiser. Seperate PLLS for Tx and Rx
Antenna connection: BNC, impedance 50 Ohms unbalance
Interface connection: 9 pin D male plug
15 pin high density plug - optional
Power supply: DC, regulated source
Voltage range 7.5 to 16 Volts DC
Nominal 12V DC
Current consumption:

Standby -

Transmitting -
Receiving -

23mA (power save ON)
38mA (power save OFF) max
1.1 A max
55mA max

DM-2550/2850 Data Modules
Now Obsolete, Use SD-125 
Land Mobile Radio Telephones 
The full range of maxon communications equipment is available from Remote Control Solutions Ltd. 
SP-2000 Series Scanning Hand Portables 
A few features of the SP-2000 Series Portables include: 
Channel Scan, "Look Back" Channel, 4 Channels/ 5 Watts, CTCSS/DCS Tone Signalling, Telephone Interconnect, Cloning.
For more information on the SP-2000 Series Portable Radios and accessories please contact us.
SM-2000 Series Scanning Mobiles  
Features of the SM-2000 series mobiles include: 
4 Channel Capability, Wideband Operation, Scan Functions, Programmable 12.5/25kHz Channel Spacing.
For more information on the SM-2000 Series mobiles and accessories please contact us
SM-4000 Series Scanning Mobiles  
Features of the SM-4000 series mobiles Include:  
1 to 16 Channels, Channel Scan, Dual Level Priority Scan, Narrow CTCSS Bandwidth, Aluminum Housing.
For more information on the SM-4000 series mobiles and accessories please contact us.

Due to our volume throughput, Remote Control Solutions is able to compete aggressively on price for these radios, give us a try.

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